Director at SL Investment Management Ltd
Alec Taylor

ELSA Treasurer & Chair of the Finance Committee

Member of the Executive, Portfolio Executive at SL Investment Management Ltd

Alec leads the UK Traded Endowment Policy (TEP) and Marketing sections within SL Investment Management (SL). He works closely with clients on the delivery of existing TEP business, structuring of new TEP product, and on the development and implementation of marketing initiatives with the SL Executive.

Alec joined SL in 1996 in order to establish and formalise the company’s valuation function. Over subsequent years, he has worked extensively with the fund management, actuarial and operational areas of the business. Alec is now one of the top UK experts on the investment and management of TEP assets and has been Head of TEPs at SL since 2007. Alec graduated from Bristol University as a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering in 1993, and subsequently achieved an MSc in Artificial Intelligence whilst studying in London. and SL generic number +44(0)1244 317999.