Coventry Capital

Since 1982, Coventry has been changing the way people think about life insurance. We created the secondary market for life insurance and pioneered life settlements, giving life insurance a fair market value. We coined the term “life settlement”, giving consumers a compelling alternative to surrendering their policies or letting them lapse. Our leadership has made secondary market transactions a mainstream financial planning option.

In creating a secondary market for life insurance, Coventry has changed the face of financial services. Now life insurance carries a dynamic market value that can be independently appraised just like real estate. As a result, consumers are now realizing significantly more than cash surrender value for unneeded or underperforming policies.

As the recognized leader in the market, Coventry is the leading purchaser of life settlements in the nation. To date, we have delivered more than $5.4 Billion to consumers.

Coventry has been a leader in the sophisticated high net worth and corporate markets for more than 40 years. Our team has an extensive history of innovation within the life insurance industry. It includes individuals with an unparalleled understanding of life insurance, regulatory issues and product development. We are well-versed in the complexities, nuances and technicalities of life insurance, especially when policies with large face amounts are involved.

Coventry has completed more than $45 billion in longevity-linked transactions. Our understanding is deep. Our experience is unmatched.



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