Over 200 Gather for Life ILS | 24, Propelling Capital Market Engagement in Life Risk Markets

[London, May 24th 2023] — The Life ILS Conference 2023, the premier gathering for market professionals from the longevity and mortality sectors, has drawn to a close after insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and thought-provoking presentations. With an impressive attendance of over 200 participants, both physically and virtually, the conference served as an exceptional platform for exploring capital market participation in the life risk markets.

Esteemed industry leaders, experts, and innovators congregated in Canary Wharf, London to share knowledge, engage in meaningful conversations, and forge collaborations that are poised to shape the future of the longevity and mortality markets. The Life ILS Conference 2023 surpassed expectations, fostering an environment of learning and exploration where new ideas and market possibilities were conceived.

The Life ILS Conference 2023 provided a unique platform for industry professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for capital market engagement in the life risk markets

Christopher Wells, Executive Director

The hybrid nature of the conference allowed participants to choose between attending in person or joining virtually, ensuring inclusivity and broadening the reach of the event. The virtual attendees benefited from a seamless online experience, gaining access to live sessions as well as being able to participate in the interactive Q&A sessions. The Life ILS Conference 2023 embraced technological advancements to create an engaging and immersive environment for all participants. “We were thrilled to witness the immense enthusiasm and knowledge shared by our distinguished speakers and attendees, highlighting the growing significance of this sector and its potential for further development.”

The success of the Life ILS Conference 2023 underscores the importance of bringing together market professionals to shape the future of the longevity and mortality sectors. The event served as a catalyst for advancing industry knowledge, fostering collaboration, and exploring the potential of capital market engagement in life risk markets.

For more information about the Life ILS Conference, please visit https://lifeils.london/.

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