ELSA Introduces New Comprehensive Factsheet on Secondary Market Provider Regulation

[London, UK, 29th December 2023] – The European Life Settlement Association (ELSA), a leading organisation committed to advancing transparency and knowledge within the life settlement industry in Europe, is excited to announce the release of a comprehensive factsheet focusing on Secondary Market Provider Regulation.

This new factsheet serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals, investors, regulators and all stakeholders interested in gaining deeper insights into the life settlement market. ELSA’s commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date information is evident in this succinct and informative document.

Key highlights of the factsheet include discussions on;

  1. Regulated Companies in the Life Settlement Secondary Market
  2. Life Settlement Providers
  3. Who or What Else is Licensed?
  4. The Licensed Provider Matrix
"By understanding the industry's regulatory environment we can help stakeholders make better decisions, fostering ethical practices, and contributing to the industry's advancement."

Christopher Wells, Executive Director

Christopher Wells, Executive Director at ELSA, highlighted the importance of this educational resource, stating: “The Secondary Market Provider Regulation factsheet offers an in-depth and succinct insight into the life settlement industry’s regulatory framework. By understanding the industry’s regulatory environment, we can help stakeholders make better decisions, fostering ethical practices, and contributing to the industry’s advancement.”

The new informative factsheet on Secondary Market Provider Regulation is available for download on the ELSA website. ELSA encourages all industry professionals, investors, and regulators to access and utilise this valuable resource to enhance their understanding of the life settlement market.

The European Life Settlement Association (ELSA) was founded in 2009 to set standards for participants in the European life settlement industry. ELSA represents institutional investors, life settlement asset managers, and service providers to the life settlement market both in Europe and around the world, promoting transparency by providing accurate, authoritative information to investors, regulators, and the media. For more information visit www.elsa-sls.org.

Further Information:

Chris Wells, +44 (0) 203 490 0271, chris@elsa-sls.org

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